We Finance Fix-and-Flip Projects

When looking for fix and flip financing, you need a partner who understands your business, and who will provide the funding you need. Some lenders see house flippers as riskier investments than large-scale real estate companies, but that shouldn’t be the case. If you have the expertise and drive to build a thriving business, why shouldn’t you get access to the best real estate financing terms, too?

Amazing Fix and Flip Loans

Our loans make it easier for you to purchase the property you want quickly and effectively:

  • Huge potential funding amounts
  • High LTV ratios for both real estate purchases and renovations
  • Low interest rates with fixed interest
  • Long repayment terms
  • Accelerated closing — usually 10–17 days

Comfortable Fix and Flip Lines of Credit

Our fix and flip financing works smoothly whether you focus on one property at a time or coordinate remodeling for dozens of investment projects. Lines of credit give you plenty of time for repayment while keeping your costs down.

At GM Capital Group, we appreciate house flippers. We admire your dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. Let our team support your goals and financial growth. Expand your business with large loans or lines of credit, flexible financing, and excellent terms.

Contact us today to see our fix and flip financing programs up close.