Apply to Our Referral and Broker Program

GM Capital Group offers a referral and broker program that most professionals find supportive and lucrative. Finance sales is not an easy career path, but with our team and resources, you will find your job easier than ever before.

For successful candidates, we offer fair referral fees and excellent commissions. We also invest in continuing relationships to encourage future business and ensure brokers feel supported. Brokers will also find our reciprocal referral program more than fair, especially with transparent commitment letters ensuring the protection of referrals and brokers.

We pride ourselves on teamwork, and if you apply and receive an offer to work for us, you will become a valued team member. You will have access to our resources and pool of industry professionals to help you secure deals and develop custom solutions for your clients.

Enjoy Our Many Benefits

We want our regional sales team to enjoy their positions. Since our company has offices across the United States, we can offer sales positions everywhere in the country. We also provide in-depth support with our identity and financing resources. However, location should not be the only thing motivating you to apply to our program. Our company offers several unique benefits to future sales team members, including:

  • Excellent and fair commissions
  • Resources and versatile lending capabilities
  • Vendor assistance
  • Career growth and enrichment opportunities

5 Attributes of a Successful Applicant

Sales is a people-knowing business, but to excel in a position, you need to do more than simply research a client. Clients need to like you and buy into what you are selling. In our experience, the best salespeople are those with five common attributes:

  • Confidence
  • Humor
  • Friendliness
  • Organizational skills
  • Driven personality

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