Strong Real Estate Financing Options for Businesses With Credit Issues

Just because your business has credit problems, it doesn’t mean that loans are out of reach. You don’t have to accept unfair terms, either. The key is to look for alternative methods to finance property purchases or remodeling. At GM Capital Group, we’ve helped many small businesses succeed with stated income commercial real estate financing. How does this avenue work?

Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan Basics

The main reason stated income loans are helpful for companies with credit issues is that they have lower credit score requirements. This is possible because of the power of collateral. Instead of needing personal or business assets to secure the purchase, you can use the property itself as collateral. That way, you don’t need to risk any company assets.

Qualifying depends on the value of the commercial property, not your credit rating. There are down payment requirements, but they’re comfortable for small businesses.

Many Advantages to Meet Your Goals

Some business owners have the idea that alternative financing isn’t as good as traditional loans. In reality, both types of funding can be great. You simply need to choose the one that fits your company’s needs the best. For many business owners, stated income commercial real estate financing is the right choice. It offers several important advantages:

  • Fast approval and closing
  • Simple application process
  • Great flexibility with funds
  • Money for remodeling and improvements

Alternative financing lets you control how you spend the money more than conventional mortgages. Whether you’re looking to expand your office or purchase a specific property, we can help.

Good Terms for Businesses with Bad Credit

Above all, our team is trustworthy. Our goal is to help your company succeed. That’s why we offer terms you can live with:

  • Fixed interest rates
  • Terms of up to 25 years
  • Large loan-to-value ratios
  • Low down payment options

Get prequalified quickly and easily. Contact us for more details.